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冷酒はもちろん、常温、ぬる燗まで幅広い温度帯でお楽しみいただける、春鹿 純米吟醸酒の新定番としておすすめいたします。




日本最初の国際首都 奈良は、世界遺産に認定された世界最大の木造建築物である大仏殿や春日大社、法隆寺など大きな寺社がたくさんある所です。この環境の中、明治時代に酒造業を創業。酒名は、春日大社とその神獣である鹿から春鹿と名付けました。現在、春鹿のお酒は、日本国内はもとより世界10カ国以上に輸出されております。




〒630-8381 奈良市福智院町24-1
4-1 Fukuchi in-cho,Nara-city Nara-ken 630-8381,JAPAN


The first international capital in Japan was formed in Nara approximately 1,300 years ago in the year 710. Nara is surrounded with a tranquil environment that includes world heritage sites such as Kasuga Shrine, Horyu-ji Temple, and the Great Buddha Hall in Todai-ji Temple,the largest wooden building in the world. It is also said to be the birthplace of Japanese sake. The brewery was established in 1884. The name Harushika comes from one of the Chinese characters in the shrine’s name, Kasuga, and the word for deer, which were considered gods. Today, Harushika sake has an excellent reputation and is exported to 10 countries around the world.

春鹿 純米吟醸 吟麗 300ml

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